Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Monsters of sock

Actual conversation I had at Walgreen's while looking for sterile Q-tips:

I look over and see a man mumbling to himself while scooping through a bin of white tube socks.

Man: Are these all the socks they have?

He sees that I look over, and I quickly turn back to the Q-tip selection.

Man: These don't seem like very good quality.

LLMB: Nope.

Man: They're pretty cheap though. Must not be very good.


Man: You know which socks are good? Adidas. I bought a pair of those, lasted me four months.

Wow. (Only four months?)

Man: Those socks were expensive though. I bet these don't last too long.


Man: Maybe there's some different socks at the bottom of this pile.


I left and went to Safeway where I saw a man standing in the entrance area who had a white surgical face mask pulled down from his mouth. He was coughing incessantly without covering his mouth. I had to take a serious detour to get around his coughing.

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